This is a section I will be consistently updating; basically just posting valuable information and resources that I currently take advantage of, and that I feel other artist and musicians can benefit from as well.

"Go Pro and stop leaving money on the table"

Cd baby has been around for a long time, they keep advancing their product and offering more to their customers....If your an artist or Producer and you wanna receive all the money you deserve, check this out and sign up.

The concept of aflattr intrigues me in regards to its possibilities of making money, but mostly I enjoy that the concept is based off helping others make money from their passion. If your on the Indie hustle like I am, you will see the benefit in getting involved.

Additional info on the company can be found here, real solid read. 

"SoundOut compares your song to 50,000 others from both major labels and indies. They promise to tell you how good your track is with guaranteed 95% accuracy."

I am not sure how I feel about the 95% accuracy statement, but I decided to try out the service because one of my peoples gave me a solid discount code.  I thought it was cool to get an unbiased review from so many music fans, but I would like to have a more detailed explanation in regards to how Sound out comes up with some of these ratings.  Either way, below I have pasted my Sound Out report that I used for a joint I produced on my "Love For the Game" album featuring the homie Noveliss (Clear Soul Forces). Take a look and decide if it interest you, the pricing is very reasonable, but I'm  not sure I see the value to try it again, peace!

Big ups to Brianna Demayo, she developes some dope articles that us Indie Musicians can find very usful.  If you a user of Reverbnation, click this link below.

I wanted you to get familiar if you are not so yet with a company called Song Trust, it's basically a way for us indie musicians, song writers and producers to gain revenue, the more options the better right ? Its also a great source of information in regards to publishing 101, definitely helped me out with monetizing my hustle.  Peep the link below and sign up if you wish, lets get this money!          

"Get access to more royalties than ever.
Songtrust collects royalties from agencies previously off-limits to independent songwriters. Now, you can collect royalties from public performance, sales, and internet streaming of your music in the US, UK and Canada.
Save money, time and hassle.
Forget about spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours managing this part of your career. For as little as $50 per year, Songtrust makes sure all your songs are professionally registered with royalty collection agencies."